I'll give you a clue; read the title. Anyway, I think it's time to stop putting a hyphen in "email". New terms formed from two words (in English) are often hyphenated, but as the word comes into common use, the hyphen is dropped. Email has existed for over thirty years; the hyphen is just not needed anymore.

A search at the time this page was written on Google for "email" yields about 80 million hits whereas a search for "e-mail" with a hyphen yields only 7 million hits. I am heartened to see that Google asks, "Did you mean email?", when a query contains "e-mail".

The popular sentiment is clearly swaying toward the elimination of the hyphen and we should hasten it on its way. All you publishers out there need to revise your style guides -- and quickly -- before we exhaust the world's supply of hyphens. In the words of Donald Knuth, "...it's high time for everybody to stop using the archaic spelling 'e-mail'."

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